Unique Design

Thanks to its unique design, engineering, and innovative high quality green materials, the Haven® stands strong against the harshest environmental conditions.Our hybrid geodesic design is made up of 40 self-supporting, interlocking triangles, a shape that is nearly impossible to deform in the face of environmental pressures. Reinforced with exterior sheeting, “shear” strength, these triangular walls can preserve The Haven® against extreme gale force winds and earthquakes.


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Optional magnesium oxide exterior sheeting will further protect the Haven® against the threats of fire, mold and termite infestation. Coupled with a water-based hybrid stucco material that is rated to withstand impact of 3500 PSI, our exterior shell is virtually indestructible. In addition, bullet proof coating is available

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The Haven® design allows for vertical window and door

framing, one of the many features that prevent moisture intrusion.

Unlike most geodesic structures, our hybrid geodesic design allows for vertical window and door framing, outfitting The Haven® with standard windows and doors, easily safeguarding against water intrusion. The corrugated steel second story roof and sloped exterior walls prevent the build up of heavy snow loads.  All this coupled with triple layer water proofing membranes seal the Haven® against any moisture intrusion.

Every Haven® package is outfitted with spray-in polyurethane insulation to create an air and watertight envelope. This high R-value insulation helps mitigate heating and cooling needs, while providing additional strength by fusing the wall panels.

All these qualities combine to make the Haven® ideal for remote locations, extreme environments, and anyone looking to invest in a home that its truly built to last.

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