The Haven®

Never before have so many energy-saving and sustainable features been combined in one home design that is hyper-efficient, durable, adaptable, and affordable. The Haven® is truly a model of sustainability enabling you to Live Large In A Small Footprint.


Sustainable Building System: Many features create more for less within the Haven® design.  Our design lends itself to an almost waste-free framing and drywall process. The Haven® is inherently stronger than rectangular homes while requiring ~30% fewer materials, including the HVAC and plumbing systems. Our standard features served to earn a blower door test of 1.9 and HERS rating of 53 for our model home.


Building Code Compliant: Haven®  homes are International Residential (IRC) and Universal Building Code (UBC) compliant, finance-able (Conventional, USDA & Section 184), insurable and can qualify for all Green Certification programs upon request.

Total SqFt: ~1600-2000

Bedrooms: 1-4

Bathrooms: 1-3

Shell Pricing from: $152,000

Turn-key Pricing from: $280,000


  • Our Patented Sustainable Haven® Design Offers Sustainable Benefits During The Construction Process And Continues For Generations To Come.
  • The Haven® Is Engineered For The Harshest Environmental Conditions, Making The Haven® An Ideal Choice For Areas Prone To Earthquake, Heavy Snow Load, And High Winds, And Hurricanes.
  • The Costs Of A Haven® Home Is Highly Competitive With Traditional Homes, Yet Possess Superior Quality When Compared With Other Sustainable Homes Available To Today’s Homebuyers..
  • The Fully Adaptable 1600 Sq. Ft. Design Has Flexible Floorplans That Range From A 1- Bedroom/1-Bath Up To A 4 Bedroom/ 3bath Dormitory

Standard Features

  • A complete set of engineered customized building plans, specific to property and location. Plans include: site, foundation, floor, elevation, framing and electrical plans. Plans are guaranteed for local building department approval
  • 8″ thick exterior walls
  • Insulation: 2” of closed cell foam in wall panels and 3” applied in ceiling panels. Rolls of batting insulation to be supplied by homeowner. The total R value will provide approximately R35 in the walls and R42 in the ceiling
  • One coating of waterproof protection to wall sheeting material, factory applied
  • (9) Anderson Series 100 dual pane, low-e energy-efficient windows with superior strength honey comb frame
  • (2) Solid core fiberglass exterior doors
  • Pre-cut 26 gauge galvalume corrugated metal roofing with waterproof underlayment; optional colors available
  • Non-Toxic green and durable material for easily applied resilient alternative stucco siding
  • Customized floor plans and site specific options available
  • Phone/video chat technical support during package construction time
  • The interior C.O.R.E. ™ (Central Orientation of Required mechanical Equipment) places all of the home mechanical functions (plumbing, electrical, heating, and duct systems) at the literal center of the home, reducing materials used and resulting in more cost-effective, long-term maintenance. Conventional and solar thermal hot water systems have very short runs to reach all required usage outlets. These improvements to the geodesic dome design make the Haven® a truly unique and sustainable home.

Additional Options

  • Training program for homeowners & contractors at our Sparks facility or at your building site
  • Customized home designs and floor plans
  • Building site optimization consultation
  • Contractor site support
  • Renewable system integration for Off-Grid or Net Zero
  • Garage, breezeway, outbuilding and home expansion design and plans available

* For more information, please contact us.

Take a Virtual Tour

Enjoy the unique Haven design with panoramic views in our virtual tour!

Unassembled Package

$115,500*/ Starting At

  • 1600-2000 sq ft
  • +/- 400-600 extra Storage
  • 1-3 Bedroom/1-2 Bath
  • Plans
  • Engineering
  • How-to Manual
  • Virtual Support
  • Limited Site Support
  • Material Package for Exterior
  • Call For Details
  • *Priced for basic model

Exterior Shell Completed

$159,000*/ Starting At

  • 1600-2000 sq ft
  • +/- 400-600 extra Storage
  • 1-3 Bedroom/1-2 Bath
  • Plans
  • Engineering
  • How-to Manual
  • Virtual Support
  • Completed Weather-Tight Exterior
  • Ready For Drywall and Finishes
  • Call For Details
  • *Priced for basic model

Turn-Key Finished Home

$299,500*/ Starting At

  • 1600-2000 sq ft
  • +/- 400-600 extra Storage
  • 1-3 Bedroom/1-2 Bath
  • Plans
  • Engineering
  • Excavation
  • Foundation
  • Completely Finished Home
  • Local Builder Home Warranty
  • Call For Details
  • *Priced for basic model
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