Management Team

Vicki Bischoff

Vicki Bischoff, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Vicki Bischoff brings more than 35 years of sales, marketing, management, design and construction experience to  Envirohaven®. Vicki is a founding partner of General Contractor, Suncrest Builders, Inc., a Nevada corporation founded in 1994, where she developed the corporate brand, marketing program and customer base.

The roll of General Contractor is in part the roll of an educator and consumer advocate. The Haven® design provides Vicki with the ability to illustrate the ease and efficiency of holistic sustainability to the general public. This was Vicki’s largest motivating factor for co-founding Envirohaven®.  Vicki hopes that educating people through the Haven® example will be a driving force to create a sweeping change in the construction industry. Her vision is to see that the homes her grandchildren live in will provide higher function using fewer natural resources.

Greg Bischoff

Greg Bischoff, Chief Production Officer

Greg Bischoff leads the Envirohaven® production team with over 35 years of building experience in residential design and construction. Greg is a General Building Contractor and President of Suncrest Builders, Inc., a project management style Design-Build firm.

Having completed courses for Certificates of Instruction from CleanEdison in Solar Photovoltaic as well as Solar Thermal, Greg works to make sure the Haven® is fully receptive to a vast array of renewable energy generation systems and sustainable practices. He also is in charge of incorporating new and innovative materials into the Haven® package, meticulously working to insure product compatibility and compliance with regional building codes. Working to find the balance of conventional and “green” materials that provide a lifetime of sustainability is his constant challenge. As Chief Production Officer, Greg makes sure each Haven®  package is built to the customers unique specifications and to our high standards.  Greg has been responsible for the Haven™ design since its inception. With a lifetime of work focused on building more efficient structures, developing a home that supersedes the limitations of conventional building has always been a dream of his. Greg is finally seeing his dream become a reality, accessible to everyone through the Haven™ design

Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff

Project Manager, Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff brings years of sustainable building experience, videography, and group leadership to the Envirohaven®  team. Having grown up around construction, Eric had a strong affinity with building and creating things will his hands. He further developed this interest into a direction he wanted to the building industry change when he began studying Renewable Energy at UNR in 2010. During this time Eric became the Renewable Energy Specialist for the original team that developed Envirohaven®  from an intriguing design into a functioning housing option with business plan. That year he helped lead the team to take runner up in the Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET) competition, setting up Envriohaven for its future successes.  Eric strongly believes that its not just our buildings that need to change as we confront the challenges of the 21st century, but they way we interact with those buildings. With that as a driving force, Eric is instrumental in helping integrate renewable energy generating systems and passive energy design into The Haven®.

Dailey Haren
Dailey Haren

Product Development and Media Specialist, Dailey Haren

 Having grown up around the job site, Dailey quickly familiarized herself with the Haven®  design and became a key member of the manufacturing and on-site construction teams. Her interests in green building, sustainable architecture and environmental ethics support her in her work with Envirohaven® , finding and testing new and innovative products for The Haven®, maintaining strict adherence to sustainable practices and reaching out into the community about the importance of adopting cradle to grave sustainability throughout the building sector.

In conjunction with her responsibilities on the production team, Dailey works with Project Manager Eric Bischoff in developing the Envirohaven® website, and shooting and editing Envirohaven™  media.