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Why Sunvelope?

Envirohaven has chosen to collaborate with Sunvelope to provide hot water for daily use as well as optional radiant heat. Sunvelope Solar, Inc. manufactures high quality SRCC certified solar hot water systems in Sparks, Nevada.

The Sunvelope Solar Collector is a unique, patent pending device that is freeze tolerant and inherently controls overheating.  This allows for direct configurations in domestic hot water systems in climates that freeze.  Because of this technology, the cost of a system to the home or business owner is now substantially lower (sometimes by half!) than traditional systems that employ glycol, drainback and electronic controls for freeze and overheat protection.



A Shared Vision

Many things about Sunvelope are in step with the Envirohaven vision, but first and foremost, we find that they are consistent with our mission to make renewable technology obtainable as well as sustainable. The Sunvelope system functions more efficiently with substantially fewer parts. What that means for our customers is not only a lower initial investment in the system, but lower long term maintenance costs. What that means for our environment is less resource consumption in the immediate as well as long term.

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