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Existing Industry Leader in Sustainability Awards

Our Envirohaven Team is proud to announce that we have been nominated for an EDAWN  (Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada) Existing Industry Award as a Leader in Sustainability for  sour patented sustainable home design!

October 22nd, there will be an awards evening from 5 to 7 p.m at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino.  Tickets are still available through the EDAWN website.

We are honored to be listed among these outstanding businesses who are job creators as well as leaders in sustainability in our community, our state of Nevada, as well as our country:


Agru America Inc:

The only U.S. manufacturer to use our patented flat die extrusion calendered process, Agru has the technology and know-how to deliver the highest quality geomembrane available – giving you the peace of mind you need for all of your containment applications.

Envirohaven Corporation:

Striving to make sustainable living both obtainable and desirable to more people in more places, Envirohaven offers a sustainable design which is hyper-efficient in it’s use of materials, energy and interior space. Their patented design makes green and sustainable homes more affordable and more accessible, especially for those in rural areas. Envirohaven is working with builders outside of Nevada, as well as within the state.


The Fortifiber Building SystemAs Group manufactures building products that help protect builders and owners from water intrusion and moisture that can damage residential and commercial buildings. Fortifiber converted their entire Fernley facility to solar power this year. Their power generation data can be found on line, Click HERE

Havelock Wool:

Havelock Wool delivers a truly renewable and sustainable insulation product designed to meet the growing demand amongst those striving to achieve higher efficiency buildings.

Itronics: :

Itronics, which was named one of the first International Green Heroes by an independent international environmental group that recognizes top environmental achievements worldwide, is a cleantech company that utilizes science and engineering to create and commercialize recycling, mineral, and nutrient technologies.

ITS Logistics:

ITS Logistics is a third party logistics (3PL) company that helps companies distribute goods nationally and globally with superior performance.

Regardless of which company takes the top honor back to the office, we want to congratulate them all, congratulate our community for the forethought needed to encourage and nurture profitable and meaningful entrepreneurship and innovation as well as the creating the climate for incubation of innovative ventures. And thank you to EDAWN for the effective and efficient work done at your organization every day that helps to bring these businesses to our Northern Nevada Community, expanding our economic base beyond the old model of casinos and construction.