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Build Great Homes & Save Money!

Builders of Haven™ homes enjoy the ability to build affordable, durable, and hyper-efficient homes for their clients while at the same time realize many cost saving advantages over conventional designs.
Haven™ home panelized construction increases strength and decreases building time.
Haven™ home panelized construction increases strength and decreases building time.

Additional Benefits!

  1. Due to the panelized design of the Haven™ , outdoor construction time is reduced approximately 50% allowing crews to work in conditioned space.
  2. Minimal construction waste saves money for haul off.
  3. The Haven™  is composed of only 40 panels of only 2 different sizes. Repeatability reduces waste and increases productivity of crew members.
  4. No special tooling or manufacturing space is necessary. Panels are built with standard carpentry tools.
  5. Symmetry of design substantially reduces excavation and foundation work time. Foundation is repeatable, speeding production time.
  6. Panels can be manufactured by carpenters with standard skill levels in under a week.
  7. Panels can be installed on site with crew of 4-5; project manager, journeyman carpenter, and 2-3 laborers.
  8. Panels fit on one flatbed truck for delivery to site.
  9. Panels can be installed on site without benefit of heavy equipment or cranes.
  10. Green siding product is non-toxic, flexible, and easily applied.
  11. Standard windows, doors, cabinets and finish materials can be used.
  12. Repeatable roof pattern simplifies installation process.
  13. Quicker project completion times equal happier customers.
  14. The inherent strength of the Haven™ minimizes settling drywall cracks and door frame adjustments.
  15. Centralized Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC in the C.O.R.E. area makes for a more efficient and cost effective installation and is easily accessed for any repairs or changes to the systems.
  16. Minimal warranty call-backs.
  17. Builders of Haven™ homes stand out in their communities as experts in green and sustainable building practices.

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