What makes The Haven™ uniquely sustainable?

Our patented design solves many of the challenges and unsustainable aspects of other housing styles (conventional, geodesic domes, yurts, and building container housing). It is easy to construct, affordable, incredibly durable, and extremely energy efficient, making this high quality and sustainable home accessible to more people in more places.

The Haven™ inherently provides more for less, facilitating a truly sustainable lifestyle. The Haven exemplifies three key areas of sustainable design:

Minimal Materials!

  • Design lends itself to an almost waste-free panel production process
  • 30% less materials needed to create a 1550 sf home (material use equivalent to an 1050 sf home)
  • Roofing materials and size up to 1/3 that of a typical 1500 sq ft home
  • Centralized core, short utility and duct runs
  • Innovative, high quality materials that do more for less

Energy Efficiency!

  • Low surface to air ratio
  • Minimal thermal bridging
  • Circular ventilation
  • 8” thick exterior walls allowing for standard package R Values in excess of R 35, ceiling in excess of R 42
  • High efficiency, Low-e windows included in standard package
  • Moisture and air tight shell
  • Easily outfitted with photovoltaic panels, solar water heater, grey water recycling, composting toilets, rain collection system, geothermal or ground air exchangers, green house

Use of Space!

  • No attic space needed
  • Mechanical equipment is located in the least optimal living area
  • Design creates almost perpendicular exterior walls, minimizing loss of headroom in all measurable area with perpendicular windows and doors
  • Utilizes all interior perimeter space and can be decorated with standard furnishings
  • ½ Story master bathroom utilizes space typically wasted in geodesic dome structures
  • Non-optimal living area is fully utilized by creating an abundance of usable storage space
  • Minimal wasted space for hallways 

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