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Positioned For Leadership!

Envirohaven is positioned to take a leadership role as a business to business solution provider for commercial interests such as mineral, oil and gas exploration companies. Hours of commuting are often required due to the lack of comfortable and cost effective housing on site. At more remote locations where commuting is not an option, container housing, housing trailers, or RV’s  requiring large and energy generation systems must be hauled to the site and installed to support employees. These systems require natural gas, propane or diesel to be delivered to the site at high costs. Maintenance for these systems add to operating costs.

Other commercial interests that will find our sustainable homes much more affordable and desirable than all other options are sportsman’s lodging, rural housing developers, and government and humanitarian efforts.

All commercial packages are fully constructed and finished to your custom needs by Envirohaven and General Contractor partners, licensed and insured in your area.

1550 sq. ft. unit is fully adaptable for any interior configuration needed from a one bedroom-one bath open floor plan/kitchen-lodge to a 4 bedroom-3 bath dormitory.

Unique Business Advantages!

  • First home designed with integrated renewable energy needs for hyper-efficiency
  • Housing is open, spacious, comfortable, safe and reliable.
  • All renewable energy harvesting systems can be adapted for maximum efficiency.
  • Our housing will help attract and sustain the most highly qualified employees.
  • Remote energy systems monitoring.
  • Single home and mechanical system maintenance contracts available
  • Affordable Green and Sustainable option for positive public and investor relations.

Please contact us for a complete review of options and pricing.

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