Going off grid?

If you own, or are thinking of buying remote property that does not have access to a public power system, you are most likely going to be building an off grid home. Strictly defined, off the grid property does not have access to any public utilities, including public sewer and water.


Remote properties hold many challenges, as well as a list of rewards for those seeking independence and autonomy, a remote employment opportunity, settling on ancestral lands, remote ranching, or just living far from the maddening crowd. Although remote and rural properties present challenges for building, Haven homes provide an ideal solution. Many remote locations offer limited access to a skilled workforce. All remote locations present challenges for accessing materials. The exterior walls for your Haven homes can be pre-fabricated in an enclosed and climate controlled environment in less than one week and delivered to the site on one flatbed tractor trailer. Haven homes have minimal material waste, reducing the amount of waste that must be hauled out for disposal, further reducing costs.


Once delivered to your site, your Haven home can be completely framed, finished to be weather tight and ready for drywall in less than 30 days. Reducing site time, and reducing costs when building in remote locations.


Building for maximum efficiency, reduces the size of the renewable and non-renewable energy generation system needed to power up, as well as heat and cool Haven homes. Reducing the need for non-renewable fuels, creates a more carefree lifestyle for Haven homeowners by minimizing the need to haul in propane and wood fuels.


To help wade through the laundry list of options, choices, and challenges that off grid property owners face, we have written several articles in the hope you will find the information in these articles helpful if you are in the process of deciding whether or not to live off grid, and how to create the most comfortable, affordable, efficient and effective off grid lifestyle.