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The Haven™ is the result of decades of design and construction experience by founders Vicki and Greg Bischoff. Since 1978, General Contractor and President of Suncrest Builders, Inc, Greg Bischoff,has been researching, designing, and building custom energy efficient homes. Throughout his career, Greg saw a need a for radical change in overall building design in order to achieve a truly sustainable lifestyle. Greg’s desire to address this need gave birth to his unique patented design: The Haven™, a simple, cost-effective and energy-efficient housing system. In 2011 Vicki and Greg Bischoff partnered with Clint Borchard, recognizing the potential of developing The Haven™ into a business that would address the growing need for truly sustainable housing.

Greg Bischoff designing the original Haven™  home
Greg Bischoff designing the original sustainable Haven™ home

Award Winning

In May 2012, Envirohaven™ won the Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET) Governor Cup award for their business plan submittal as well as the Lieutenant Governor Cup award for a clean tech company, the first team in the history of the competition to win both prestigious awards. The prize and generous support from NCET, University of Nevada, The Desert Research Institute, SBDA, SCORE, and many long time relationships within the Reno business community, enabled Envirohaven™  to become a Nevada Corporation.

Universally Embraced Design

Incorporated in June 2012, the Envirohaven™  Team of Vicki Bischoff, Greg Bischoff and Clint Borchard began the work necessary to prove that the design concept could be calculated by structural engineers, drawn by architects, approved by building departments, insured, and funded by lenders. Today, that work has come to fruition. Haven™ homes are embraced by all of these professions and entities.

The Haven Was Born!

In October of 2013 Envirohaven™ broke ground on its first fully-functioning Haven model in South Reno. An attached greenhouse and sustainable garden area are part of the long-range plan. Our latest Haven™  project is situated 100 miles East of Reno on completely off-grid property just outside the small desert town of Lovelock, Nevada.

Patented Design!

October 2014, the United States Federal Patent Office verified that the Haven™ design, had never been realized by any other designer or builder.  Utility Patent #8,863,447B2 was issued.

The Haven Comes To You!

While the Haven™ patented design performs the same functions on or off-grid, the concept is transformational for remote home building where labor and materials on-site are not as readily available and extreme environmental conditions take a toll on any type of shelter. Never before have so many energy-saving and sustainable features been combined in one home design that is so strong, durable, and simple to construct. The design and combination of materials recommended reduce the need for replacement and repair materials as well as non-renewable energy supplements (i.e. diesel, gas or propane generators) to be hauled to remote areas. 

Meet The Founders!

Envirohaven founders Greg Bischoff, Vicki Bischoff and Clint Borchard

Envirohaven founders Greg Bischoff, Vicki Bischoff and Clint Borchard

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