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$79,900* Basic Haven™ package:

  • A complete set of engineered customized building plans, specific to building site and location. Plans include: site, foundation, floor, elevation, framing and electrical plans. Plans are guaranteed for local building department approval
  • 40 panels with  exterior sheeting (innovative options available), 5 support posts and all horizontal beams needed to frame 1550+ sf. home (plus up to 500 sf. of storage space)
  • 8″ thick exterior walls
  • Complete lumber list  for all additional lumber needed for interior framing
  • Complete hardware package for structure assembly including custom made connecting brackets, hangers, and straps
  • Insulation: 2” of closed cell foam factory installed in wall panels and 3” applied in ceiling panels. Rolls of batting insulation to be supplied by homeowner.  The total R value will provide approximately R35 in the walls and R42 in the ceiling
  • One coating of waterproof protection to wall sheeting material, factory applied
  • All materials  needed for waterproofing and superior air impermeability
  • (9) Anderson Series 100 dual pane, low-e energy-efficient windows with superior strength honey comb frame
  • (2) Solid core fiberglass exterior doors
  • Pre-cut galvalume corrugated metal roofing with waterproof underlayment; optional colors available
  • Green and water soluble material for easily applied resilient alternative stucco siding
  • Detailed construction manual, video and remote electronic assistance
  • Customized floor plans and site specific options available
  • Phone/video chat technical support during package construction time

* Customized package options available

The entire Haven package ships directly to your property, near or far.

Not Included:

  • Shipping, unloading
  • Site prep work: excavation, foundation, well, septic
  • Labor to assemble materials
  • Interior finishes: drywall, paint, cabinets, door package, baseboard and window casing, counter tops, tile
  • Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing: (rough and finished)
  • Flooring of any kind
  • Stair and interior framing and sub-floor material
  • Fascia and exterior trim material
  • Exterior paint


  • On site technical support
  • Entry vestibule
  • Attached greenhouse plans
  • Garage plans
  • Radiant baseboard or underfloor heating system
  • Ground air heat exchangers (Earth Tubes)
  • Wood burning/pellet stove or alternative heat source
  • Grey water recycling system
  • Rain harvesting system
  • Composting toilet system
  • Solar hot water heating system
  • Photovoltaic solar panels

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