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Creating a sustainable lifestyle starts with a hands on approach.

By Dailey Haren

We’ve all shared the feeling of pride and a sense of accomplishment that comes from something we have created from our own efforts, whether those efforts come from the blossoming of our ideas or labor from our own hands.  There is a distinct difference we feel from the mass produced things we buy and those that are one of a kind, made by hand. Running our hands over the seams of handmade clothing or over the surface of wood carved by hand offers something beyond its function: a mixture of pride, understanding, connection and just a simple good feeling. This idea is one of the cornerstones of Envirohaven. We help you help yourself with our experienced design team. Your home will be customized around your personal lifestyle and environmental challenges, and budget. Then, if you so desire, you can construct the Haven yourself with the support of our direct tech support, easy-to-follow “how to” video and detailed assembly manual. Envirohaven’s greater vision of changing the way society constructs, utilizes, understands and interacts with infrastructure offers a symbiotic relationship for people who desire to build their own ho

me and take advantage of  an irreplaceable opportunity to learn, understand and execute decisions about one’s own home for an price that is within reach of most Americans.

As we are confronted with high levels of Co2 in the atmosphere, diminishing resources, increasing living costs, and limited space, Envirohaven is committed to the belief that green building needs to do more than use energy efficient appliances or have enough LEED points.  We believe that designers and builders need to push the limits of conventional building, changing the entire home structure into a holistically sustainable system where each facet functions together to be greater than the mere sum of its parts. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, green building can go a long way in helping us to help reconnect us to our own homes.

Each person that gains this structural and systematic experience helps to promote a trend embedded in real change: consciousness and a reconnection to the functions of our environment. We can all be part of a world that utilizes the brilliance of geometry to create stable and durable structures, uses simple techniques to lesson our dependence of fossil fuels and utility companies, incorporates materials that are sustainable and efficient, and give the power of home building back into the hands of the people. Physically putting the pieces of the Haven together allows those of us who are living in these homes to thoroughly understand how it functions as an extension of the environment.

Homes are more than a shield from the elements or a social status; they are a symbol of our intellect and our intention as a society. As we confront the problems of our modern day, Envirohaven is dedicated to rethinking our homes from the inside out; designing our structures to be holistically sustainable and reconnecting homeowners to their homes.

If you have a dreams of living an affordable, sustainable, but comfortable lifestyle, please Contact Us so we can see how we can help you make those dreams come true.