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Galaxy-Spiral: Golden Ratio in Nature Envirohaven ™ is tapping into a design principle used, tested and refined for eons by nature. From the delicate structure of rose petals and soundness of beehives to the spiral of DNA and the structure of entire galaxies, the golden ratio has proved to be the common designer. In addition to being a really cool factor, creating a structure that incorporates this omnipresent ratio has many benefits.Rose petals

First and foremost, it is efficient. In nature there is neither room nor reason for excess. The Golden Ratio creates a self-developing design that streamlines growth to naturally develop from what already exists and to contain within itself the recipe for all proceeding growth. This can be seen as the mathematical version of the green philosophy of “reduce, reuse and recycle”: minimal excess, reusing and recycling each part within the next. Because each part of the Haven ™ is designed under the same principle each part can be mass-produced and easily fit together.

Second, it is incredibly sound. Ever see rectangular  structures in nature? You will be hard pressed. This is because structures composed of triangles are inherently sound and require significantly less material to be so: nature doesn’t like square designs because they are inherently weak and material intensive. To read more please check our previous blog!

Haven Pentagonal Design™Haven™ Pentagonal Design

Finally, it is beautiful. Obviously beauty is subjective, but from experience we have found that there is an intangible quality within the Haven ™, something that attracts us to it. There is openness that one feels when they walk in the front door, a simple and logical beauty aesthetically appealing without fancy facades and decadent furnishings. The Golden Ratio and its relationship to beauty has been explored for centuries by artists and scientists alike, from the Mona Lisa to the Parthenon to the human smile. The simplicity, symmetry and efficiency of Golden Ratio designs have an elusive beauty about them that we can’t quite put our finger on.

Pentakis Dodecahedron Note the Pentagon Pattern
Pentakis Dodecahedron
Note the Pentagon Pattern

We are excited that Envirohaven ™ has taken a design lesson from nature in order to create a beautiful structure, inherently efficient and incredibly sound.

There is a vast wealth of knowledge in nature, something that designers and builders alike can tap into as we continually strive for more efficient and sustainable structures in green building. Something like a simple step from rectangles to triangles can change everything!

Haven Structural Drawing
Haven Structural Drawing