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Envirohaven’s first public event was September 25, 2012.  The frame of our prototype Envirohaven™ structure is built and the exterior is completely sheeted. The open house gave us a chance to show the public how it feels to be inside a Haven™. The ceilings are open and the interior rooms ( 12’x 12 1/2″) have a very spacious feeling. With the exterior walls  at just 15 degrees short of perpendicular, and main interior walls parallel to the exterior,  the interior appearance is like that of an interesting and high-end custom home. Almost everyone that had been watching our progress through paper plans commented on how much bigger it felt inside that what they had imagined from the drawings.

The first two coats of environmentally friendly Thermo-shield,  impervious skin has been applied to the exterior on a test section. It was extremely easy to apply and the coating is evidently going to be a thick skin that will not only water-proof but create insulative value and fire resistance.

We were able to thank the Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, NCET for their generous financial support, mentor-ship and encouragement. Our Mayor Cashell was there to extend his congratulations and well wishes as well as over 100 members of the Reno business community. The feelings of support, encouragement, and excitement for our revolutionary new home design were overwhelming.

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