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Haven packages offer options for a concrete or raised foundation; on or off-grid. The forms for this Haven are set for the concrete option.

For building sites that are not too remote, concrete can be a cost effective and time saving option. For more information on the pros and cons of concrete or crawlspace style foundations, you can see what Fine Home Building has to say about it.

Our Envirohaven model site is in a rural neighborhood with easy access for concrete trucks We chose a concrete slab style foundation because we like the modern style look of a finished concrete floor in our kitchen, utility, and lower level bath areas. In addition to increasing our sustainability factor by adding more value while using less materials, concrete floors are cost effective and easy to maintain.In addition to a great look, homes using radiant underfloor hydronic heating and cooling systems will find great value.

By the end of our first week on the project, the site had been prepared, footings had been dug, forms set, concrete poured and all has been  inspected by our Washoe County inspector. Chuck Nay, Nay Excavation, enjoyed the simplicity of the project and told us, “the repetition of the design will make my job even easier in the future.”  Thank you Chuck!

Our Concrete Contractor,  Ron Colcord Construction,  and his crew were an inspiration to us all as they set the footing forms with precision in such a short amount of time! Thank you Ron, Matt, Herman, and Lelan, for lending your energy and expertise to our project.  These footings will be essentially the same for every Haven built.

Ron noted that with all sides equidistant from the center and of equal length, regardless of floor plan, all cuts for building the forms are  the same. Ron told us that,  ” it’s one of the few times [in decades of concrete work] that it looked real simple on the plans and it was!”

Next up: Stem walls

If you have any brief questions or comments regarding this part of the process, please write us through our Comments section below.

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