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Every Envirohaven Haven panel uses almost exactly two sheets of 4×8′ sheeting material. There is almost no waste, but there are some seams that need to be sealed. Before shipping our panels to the project site, each panel is painted with a coat of primer paint. We then seal all of the exterior panel seams with waterproofing tape and a coating of the elastomeric, water-based, acrylic resin based system at our facility.  This process saves our end users considerable labor time, and enables the construction crew to immediately install the panels into the Haven frame. Once installed, the seams between panels will be taped and the entire structure will then be painted by the construction crew with more layers of the coating.

Seen here are our Reno model home panels being taped and prepped for the first coat of waterproofing material. Note that Envirohaven is coating all exposed edges in the event that the panels are inadvertently exposed to wet weather conditions in transit or at the project site before the construction crew has a chance to tape the connection seams.