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The Reno crew showed up bright and early on a sunny but chilly January morning to begin work on a south Reno sustainable home. The Envirohaven™ panels were loaded onto a trailer and transported to our south Reno site where our green building crew of six were excited to get started. We’ve all been waiting for the day when the Haven™ will take shape! The day started out in the low 20’s and warmed up to tee shirt weather in the upper 50’s.

Envirohaven™ sustainable home foundation








First we laid out the lower large panels. We then attached them to our custom brackets that were bolted to the foundation and added the smaller panels in between. In the picture above you can see the foundation to building a low-cost sustainable home!

Envirohaven™ green building panels








The lumber you see on the top of the Haven™ will become the beams to support the upper bedroom windows.  

Greg spent a few quiet moments here reflecting on the day.

Envirohaven™ low-cost home foundation


By the end of the day, the entire lower level of the Haven™ was enclosed. We all felt like celebrating!